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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can you Write More Than One Book at a Time?

It's probably not a great idea, but I found that when one book seems to be dragging its feet, it is helpful to have another WIP on which to focus  attention. Then, when I go back, I seem to have caught my breath and can move ahead with renewed energy. All the while I've been away from book #1, my subconscious mind is still trying to break the impasse. Never fails to work.

One must show a little restraint however. It's tempting to pick up a new idea, or a new character and run with it. Everything seems shiny and new. There are no loose plot threads, the characters haven't taken over the insane asylum yet,  and no pesky critique partners have had an opportunity to tell you  'the sky is falling'.

So, I'm working on the first book in a series of three, an urban fantasy entitled The Energy Collector, and a woman's fiction work called Layla Bunch. They are as different as night and day. Maybe the only reason working on two pieces at once works  for me is that they are two different genres, and different markets. Also, the urban fantasy  has been edited and re-edited, with a first draft completed for the second book  in the series ,  and  35,000 word of a the first draft completed for the third book in the series. Layla Bunch is still in first draft status with only 10,000 words. So they are differentiated by where the two books stand in the creative process. I just re-read this paragraph. I'm really working on four novels at once, aren't I? Now that's crazy. Do you think I am a little ADHD?

Each writer must come up with their own work patter/process. No cookie cutter options when it comes to creativity. No wrong or right, either. So, strike out on your own and develop a methodology that works for you so you can write the best novel possible. Geez Sharon, four books?


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