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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some Tools for Writers

A writer needs all the help she can get, so here's a few suggestions from my own tool box.

1. Scrivener is software I use to manage my writing projects. It's a UK   product and was developed for the MAC. They recently added PC's to their   universe. You can purchase for either computer type at They   have a 30 day free trial. It helps to tame the beast when trying to revise. I won't go into details, go check it out.

2. The Internet Writing Workshop is   a listserve managed by some people at Penn State. It is one of Writer's Digest   101 Best Web Sites for writers. I don't know if there is any association   with the school, but I have made many good writing contacts through this site.   You can submit an entire ms one chapter at a time. Some of the critters   are published authors.

3. You Write On is based in   the UK. You can submit the first 7 K words of your ms. For every critique you   give, you will receive a critique in return. Assignments are done randomly.   When you are critiqued, your ms is graded in 8 categories from Characters,   Pace, Story, Language, Voice, Dialogue to Theme and Setting. After your ms receives 8 critiques (I don't know why everything is in eights) it is ranked   with all the other ms on the site (hundreds & hundreds). Every month the   top rated submissions receive a critique from an editor at Orion or   Random House. You can read all the critiques by these professional editors and   learn quite a bit.


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