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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A New Direction

I thought a long time about what this blog could/should be. Now that I'm so old and my kids don't listen to me so much anymore, I thought about all the things I know, and wondered who I could tell. So I revamped this blog to cover a number of topics, and if anyone is interested in any of the subjects I'm going to write about, tune in on the flavor of the day that interests you.

 Sunday, because it's such a neat day (don't you love Sundays? they always seem crisp because they start a whole new week, and most of the time, you can do what you want on Sunday) is carte blanche. If anyone wants to guest blog on any topic on that day, let's do it. Just send a comment that you would like to opine on a given subject, and I'll take your words from an e-mail and paste them up here for the world to see. (Granted, it's a small world, but, it'll get bigger.)

Otherwise, if no one wants to guest blog, I'm just going to do an Andy Rooney thing.

I have five computers, three desk tops and two lap tops. I also have an extremely smart phone, but I'm not counting it in this abundance of electronic power. Of course I don't use all these computers, but they sit all around my writing room, waiting for me to boot them up, like the bench of players at a basketball game. They're just waiting to be called in to score.

I could take some of these loyal players to one of those recycle places, but what secrets of mine are left inside those boxes? Are there some of my old manuscripts (I keep those too) hidden in the depth of those mysterious drives, even though I think I erased them? Are they really gone? What about indiscretions of one kind or another? Can you remember everything you told your computer? I can't.  Maybe I'll hold on to all of them a little longer.

Tomorrow is book day. What are you reading?


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